Shot a collaboration in January 2023 for Studio DOE in Taipei, Taiwan. 
Model: Kristy 

Streetwear photo shoot that I shot, directed, and styled during the course of the fall semester Parsons, under the professor Sarah Hasted. Shot at Triassic Park in Flushing, Queens.
A photo series for my Light and Image final on the concept of growth, optimism, and new beginnings. 
Creative Vision/Photographer: Steph Wang 
Model: Yejoon Yoo 
Fashion Designer: Vivian Lin
White Roses: 
My first collaboration shoot, using photography and fashion to address the discourse surrounding sexual assault. The featured garments highlight preconceived notions people have surrounding sex, fashion, and consent. 
Model/Fashion Designer - Zorina Wong 
Film - Colt Hartman 
Makeup - Aasha Faroher
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